Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 app preview

Take a look at some great new ideas for Netflix, Twitter, Flixster, OpenTable and Travelocity.


Angry Mango nominated for a BAFTA

Young games designers, Angry Mango, show us how it's done with their BAFTA nominated Windows Phone 7 game, Mush.

Windows Azure

Microsoft Windows Azure to the rescue

See how Microsoft Windows Azure is helping the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and its IT partner AWS build a scalable solution to save lives.

.NET 4 is Microsoft’s most advanced developer framework to date. Superior flexibility helps you to transfer applications across multiple platforms with relative ease and can reduce deployment time by up to 81%*.

The THINK.DEV series helps to highlight ways developers can take one set of skills and use the .NET framework with WPF, Silverlight and Visual Studio to create and recreate apps for multiple devices – from desktops to mobile and beyond.

Visual Studio, for example, delivers a powerful development environment that supports almost any programming language including HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Whether developing for desktop, web, cloud, phone or across several platforms, THINK.DEV will support and guide you throughout your entire journey, with SDKs, advice, community blogs and code samples for all levels.

* Microsoft News Center October 2009


Developing for Desktop
With faster graphics, more powerful hardware and a variety of peripherals to work with, desktop is often the first port of call for developers. One year from launch, Microsoft Windows 7 shows great promise with 150 million licences sold to date. Vista apps can also be updated easily to Microsoft Windows 7 with minimal changes. Choose between native or managed paths for writing code and use the classic Win 32 programming of .NET and WPF or stunning controls of Silverlight 4 to deliver cutting-edge apps.

Step by step guide to desktop apps


Developing for Web
Customers are now enjoying a faster and richer web with Internet Explorer 9. Developers can take advantage of .NET's HTML5 and CSS3 support, hardware accelerated text and graphics along with all the new Microsoft Windows 7 features to create native and immersive experiences. Use powerful static languages like Visual Basic, PHP and C# and integrate with JavaScript, jQuery and a host of other web languages.

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Developing for the Cloud
Create user-ready services made available through the Microsoft Windows Live platform or build, host and deliver apps via the Microsoft Windows Azure Platform. As IT departments increasingly look to the cloud to deliver apps and reduce their infrastructure, this growing technology is set to become a key environment for future development. Get the basic tools you need to start developing today.

Step by step guide to cloud apps

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Developing for Phone
The powerful and immersive next-generation software of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 promises to be a great development platform. Develop free, paid for or ad-funded games and applications quickly and easily across a myriad of devices for this growing mobile marketplace. Provide free updates for your apps and earn up to 70% of the revenue from your paid for apps.

Step by step guide to phone apps

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