Power Up: The Beautiful Game Competition

Microsoft and supporting games industry partners are working together to help encourage the growth in the UK games industry and help game developers of all sizes. We have developed a competition to provide new Store opportunities for your games as well as helping you to get your titles discovered and downloaded.

  • Power Up: The Beautiful Game competition commences on 3rd March and runs until 20th June 2014.
  • The competition is open to all UK games developers who port and publish their new or existing games titles to Microsoft Windows 8 and/ or Windows Phone Stores.
  • Each game entered will receive points based on a wide range of game experiences, as well as recognising the quality of the game, any marketing activities, plus the number of downloads the games get on the Windows or Windows Phone Stores.
  • The top 20 games with the most points will win great prizes for their developers and all entrants have an opportunity for their games to be discovered and downloaded by 100,000s to millions of players.
  • Individual game developers have just as good a chance of winning as larger studios – the most unlikely games are sometimes the biggest hits – in the words of another well-known competition “you have to be in it to win it”
  • With 20 prizes up for grabs you have a good chance of winning – no top 3 winners here. We have 20 winners with great prizes throughout
  • You can enter multiple games into the competition – the more games you enter, the more chances you have to win.

This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your game(s) to a much wider audience and be generously rewarded.

You must be registered to enter – complete our online form. Don’t delay…You can register today even if your game is not quite ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I only enter once?

A. Not at all. You can enter as many game titles as you wish as long as they meet the terms and conditions of the competition.

Q. If I enter more than one game do all my points get added together?

A. I’m afraid not. We will score each of your games individually and if any of them secure enough points to be in the final top 20 then you’re a winner!

Q. Does the game have to be new and not have existed on any other platforms?

A. No. Whether the game is brand new or a port from existing platforms they’re both eligible to enter the competition.

Q. Why do I have to register to enter the competition?

A. We want the ability to share competition updates, special offers & supporting materials from our industry sponsors to help you with your games development.

Q. I don’t have all the resources of a large studio to produce sophisticated graphics in my game so realistically what chance do I have of winning a prize based on quality?

A. The idea behind a game is often more important than the sophistication of the graphics in determining the quality of the game experience – it’s surprising which games can turn out to be the most successful. A good idea equals a good chance of winning.

Q. I anticipate there will be thousands of entries into the competition, so won’t my chance of winning will be very slim?

A. Our experience of these competitions suggests that the entries will be in the hundreds and not the thousands. With 20 prizes on offer you have a good chance of winning plus you are marketing your game to a much wider audience. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Q. The competition is already running so won’t I be at a disadvantage in terms of downloads compared with those who entered at the start?

A. Whilst the game has been running since the 3rd March you still have a good chance of topping the leader board for downloads if you have a great idea. For example previously Wilson’s Adventure by Richard Hawkins had over 150,000 in the first month. Could your game be this year’s Wilson’s Adventure?

Why we entered The Beautiful Game competition?

Entrants explain in their own words.

Game: Splemy - Formerdroid Ltd.

Games are about having fun, but they are also an art form in their own right. We believe the Beautiful Game competition will focus on the importance of creating a "whole" game playing experience for users. We have consciously made the sounds, visuals and animations as artistic as we can. Our app combines fun gameplay with storytelling to bring an all over game experience to the player. It has won multiple awards already as a prototype, including a BAFTA Nomination. The game was created on a small budget, but we are confident we can compete with larger entrants because it is lots of fun to play and we have never compromised on quality.

Being well placed in the competition would give us recognition and additional confidence that we can make beautiful games that people enjoy. It would amazing for us as a new studio with our 1st title to win the competition.

Fee Stewart
Managing Director

Game: Circix – Russell King and Graham Barber

We decided to enter the TBG competition because, as indie developers, we have discovered how hard it is these days to be noticed in the app stores. We simply had to take part in a competition that brings together indie games, celebrates their achievements and puts a spotlight on them.

We have quickly learnt that developers of new titles, particularly indie devs who don't necessarily have the budgets to splash out on large marketing campaigns, should definitely have a presence on the Windows Phone Store. Period.

Circix is our first released game together. Having quickly become a fan of the Windows Phone OS, we were very keen to release a game on this platform. While working on Circix has been challenging at times (trying to write a game in our spare time), it has definitely been great fun and we are now proud to say, that we have a game released on all three platforms.

Getting started

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Extra info

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The serious bit

Full details of the competition rules.


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