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Our challenge? Help you push the boundaries of design.

  • Windows 8 is the perfect digital canvas upon which you can create something new and beautiful.
  • Live tiles, contracts, and cloud services let you engage your audience in new and different ways—Windows 8 provides the performance for fluid animation and seamless scaling across devices.
  • Microsoft’s design language was created with digital artists in mind. Your content will come to life while maintaining a consistent personality and experience for the user. They’ll see your vision, not a hardware manufacturer’s interpretation of it.
  • Touch, motion, GPS, voice, and more: Windows 8 allows you to go beyond the visual and integrate all-new user experiences into your app designs.

We speak your language

  • Windows 8 brings your vision to life. Whatever language you use, you can craft amazing apps that scale gracefully to any screen size and platform.
  • Design apps with the tools you already use: Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, Balsamiq, and more.
  • Or go with our own tool, Expression Blend, and start creating today.
  • Need guidance? Explore the Windows 8 design principles, or check out the UX guide.

The apps you create will define the future

  • This is a very exciting time to be a designer. The things you create now will literally redefine how people interact with technology.
  • We like to think of this brave new world as a designer’s sandbox. The tools are all there—it’s up to you to make it unique.
  • Use your favorite sci-fi movies UI as a reference, or do something completely unique. Show us the future. We can’t wait to see it.


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