Technical Community Team


Mike Ormond
Developer Evangelist

Ever since he can remember, Mike's been interested in 'how stuff works', so an engineering career was a natural progression. After completing his degree at Strathclyde University, he toyed with transforms in imaging systems, played with hoppers in payment systems, scheduled headless clients in automated test solutions and helped real customers in product support! Nowadays he spends his time thinking about web and Office development and worrying about how to keep pace with change and whether or not he locked the back door.

Outside of work, Mike's passions range from hill-walking to classic cars. He does enjoy tinkering with things, and every now and then goes for a blast on his Speed Triple. More often than not, relaxation takes the form of 'beer in one hand, Xbox controller in the other', although he can often be found pounding the streets in training for some 10k run or other in a desperate attempt to get fit. Fortunately, he was unsuccessful in his application for a London Marathon place last year.

Mike is a Developer Evangelist focusing on Office and web development technologies.



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