#DevMov Student Challenge

Use our tools and your imagination to complete fun and simple challenges, and earn points towards wicked rewards.


These challenges are eligible for students between the ages of 13-18 only.



Official Kodu Website

A great place to start is the Hour of Code Kodu Touch Primer which you can find on here and there are a lot of tutorials on Youtube.

Software Required

Windows Desktop - Kodu is a free download for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista or Windows XP. Download Kodu here.

Windows 8 - Kodu is a free Windows 8 application. Install Kodu from the Windows Store here.

Xbox - Kodu can be purchased for Xbox One or Xbox 360 at a cost of $4.99  here.

Kodu Challenge #11

300 Points
May 16 – May 31

Download the Kodu Mini Golf here. Double click on the downloaded file to open it in Kodu. Press Play to start the game, you will see a tutorial with instructions on how to react differently to different controls such as a mouse click or control pad trigger and how to different terrains.

Submission Criteria: Submit a screenshot showing the code that launches the ball with different levels of force when you use the trigger or mouse.

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Official Touch Develop website

Software required

No software needs to be installed to develop using TouchDevelop, all you need is a modern browser such as Internet Explorer.

Touch Develop Challenge #11

300 Points
May 16 – May 31

Complete the Touch Develop tutorial Tile Tapper. Build a game that tests player reflexes. Tap as many black tiles as you can in 20 seconds!

Submission Criteria: When you have completed the tutorial, publish and share your script. Submit the URL for your published script to earn your rewards.

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Official Microsoft Virtual Academy Website

Software required

To follow along with the module, you will need to install Visual Studio.

Microsoft Virtual Academy Challenge #11

300 Points
May 16 – May 31

MVA challenge – Now that you have started exploring code, you may want to learn how you can use your coding skills to build an app? Check out Xamarin for absolute beginners to see how you can use your C# skills to build apps for Windows, iOS or Android!


Submission Criteria:Complete a module from the above course and take a screenshot of your 100% completed module. Once you’ve done this, upload your screenshot to the submissions page.

Note: In completing a module, you must also complete any associated assessments.

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Official Python tools for Visual Studio website

Tip: Check out Introduction to Programming with Python on Microsoft Virtual Academy to see how to get started with Python and Visual Studio.

Software required

You need to install Visual Studio and Python Tools for Visual Studio Installation instructions can be found at the Python Tools for Visual Studio website. Select the Installation tab to find links and instructions to install the tools for these challenges.

Visual Studio Challenge #11

300 Points
May 16 – May 31

Tired of doing your math homework? Let’s get the computer do it for us. Write a C# Console program to calculate the hypotenuse of a right angle triangle using the Pythagoras Theorem. Have the user enter the lengths of the triangle sides a and b, then return the length of side c. To test your code, try a length of 3 for side a, 4 for side b, if you coded your program correctly, it should return a length of 5 for side c.

Submission Criteria: Submit a screenshot of your code and the output window showing the prompts and returned value to earn your points.
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