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Gaming by platform is a thing of the past

  • Today people play games at home, on the go, and at work (ahem). They play on their phones, on their tablets, and on their consoles. They play on the web, on social networks, and in apps.
  • Your game can reach millions of people in a vast universe of devices in more than 200 markets worldwide.
  • Whether you’re building a bite-sized casual game or the next “one more turn” strategy epic, there is room for your vision.
Computer and phone

Rethink the impossible. Then make it real.

  • Tap into the most advanced hardware and input devices on the planet—from accelerometers and GPS to Xbox controllers and the Kinect Sensor.
  • Share contextual content between users, devices, and applications.
  • Live tiles are the new Attract Mode, putting notifications front-and-center.
  • Cross-platform integration means you can redefine how and where players interact with their games. For example, play Skulls of the Shogun on your desktop—then continue the game on your phone or Xbox.
Bar chart

Better platforms. Better games. Better returns.

  • First things first: in the Windows Store, you keep 80% of your game’s revenue over $25,000 USD.
  • You have the option to create a free trial mode—a proven way to put a demo in players’ hands and increase sales.
  • Optional in-app purchases allow you to tap into the exploding freemium and free-to-play models.
  • Create additional revenue streams with Ads in Apps.

Success stories

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