IClientStateChangedEventData Interface

Returned as data parameter of event callback method invoked on a change in client state.

Namespace:  UCCollaborationLib
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Uc (in Microsoft.Office.Uc.dll)

interface IClientStateChangedEventData : IDispatch

Carries the original client platform state, the new state, and an HRESULT value carrying a state change status code. You should handle this event to catch a notification when a different process causes the state of the client platform to change. For example, other processes can cause the Communicator client to sign out. In that case, you must sign in again before attempting further operations on the instance of ILyncClient. The interface identifier (IID) of this interface is 9b3a702d-5be1-4fce-adb3-ebbd23e078c3.

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