IAsynchronousOperation Interface

Represents the state of an asynchronous operation where the operation initiator is a SIP client and responsible operator is a SIP server

Namespace:  UCCollaborationLib
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Uc (in Microsoft.Office.Uc.dll)

interface IAsynchronousOperation : IDispatch

Any operation such as addition of a new contact to a custom group involves the sending of a SIP request across an intranet/internet topology to a SIP server for processing. Such a request is asynchronous by nature. Asynchronous requests are subject to periods of latency as well as network and server conditions outside of the control of a client. To avoid blocking code execution on a client, allow a client to respond to unexpected error responses, cancel an operation, or process the results of a successful operation request, the IAsynchronousOperation inteface exposes properties that provide the current status of an operation and a method for cancelling an operation. The interface identifier (IID) of this interface is f7ee956b-a713-48d3-afef-0a28f37740b3.

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