ContactManager Class

Contact group manager Class The class cannot be co-created.

Namespace:  UCCollaborationLib
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Uc (in Microsoft.Office.Uc.dll)

Coclasses This class implements the IContactManager interface. The default interface is IContactManager. An application obtains the default interface on the class instance directly. Non default interfaces, if any, can be obtained by calling QueryInterface on the default interface. An instance of this class is also a source of the events defined in the _IContactManagerEvents dispinterface. The class identifier (CLSID) of this class is 43eaf09a-5dd2-4ce7-9b03-fceed187bf48. This class cannot be cocreated. It is intended to illustrate that the implemented interfaces can be queried from each other as well as the events to be raised in an instance of this class.


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