Client Class

The client endpoint. The class can be co-created.

Namespace:  UCCollaborationLib
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Uc (in Microsoft.Office.Uc.dll)

CComPtr &ltIClient;> pIClient; 
 hr = CoCreateInstance( 
   (LPVOID *) &pIClient;   );

You can obtain conferencing, contacts and group, and conversation interfaces from Client. Note that LyncClient implements Client and exposes all Client properties plus additional methods. You must use LyncClient to sign in to Communicator. This class implements the IClient interface. The default interface is IClient. An application obtains the default interface on the class instance directly. Non default interfaces, if any, can be obtained by calling QueryInterface on the default interface. The class identifier (CLSID) of this class is 3f927576-996e-4a91-9cf9-d9fa46d2aaf5. This class can be cocreated.