What is MSDN?

MSDN is the Microsoft Developer Network, which is a collection of resources for the developer community that provides information, documentation and discussion authored by Microsoft and by the community at large.

  • MSDN consists of a subscription providing developers with access to Microsoft products and tools to use for developing and testing applications, such as Visual Studio 2010, Windows 7, Expression Studio etc as well as:
  • MSDN Library which is our developer related documentation repository
  • Forums to discuss a wide variety of developer topics
  • Microsoft Blogger platform
  • Codeplex, our open source project site
  • Video platform for training and certification including Channel9

Across all of these scenarios, we invest in:

  1. Content quality, relevance, and timeliness
  2. Ease of discoverability
  3. Opportunities for community participation and contribution

The homepage features our local bloggers and the latest tweets connecting our internal Microsoft developers and MVPs with the broader development community.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What's the Easiest Way to Find What I Need on MSDN?

Every MSDN page has a set of tabs along the top. These are the quickest shortcuts for finding learning resources, MSDN Library articles, downloads, and more.

Where Can I Find Answers to My Programming Questions?t

The best place for asking questions is MSDN Forums, and here are good instructions for using the forums. Some of the forums have their own FAQs. Here is the FAQ for Visual Basic, for example.

I'm a C# Developer, and I Only Want to See C# Information. How Do I Do That?

MSDN is divided into subject-specific Developer Centers. Here is a map of our Developer Centers. Here is the Visual C# Developer Center.

Who Are MSDN's Top Bloggers?

MSDN features a lot of bloggers who write about what they are working on and what they are thinking. Check out our page of featured bloggers.

Where Can I Find "How Do I?" Videos?

MSDN has hundreds of short videos that explain a wide range of development tasks. Here's a good start for diving into the "How Do I?" videos.


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