Create new experiences on more devices. Today.

Only the Microsoft ecosystem gives you the tools to reach more people in more places.

The right marketplace.

  • More than 1 billion Microsoft customers
  • Hundreds of millions of app downloads
  • In more than 200 countries

Reach farther. Take your app beyond the tablet, PC, and phone. Create new experiences that scale across devices, with apps that use new technologies like Kinect.

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Get noticed. Create apps that change the way people interact.

Create today. Use your existing skills and Windows' shared code to easily create new experiences that engage users across new devices and platforms.

Reach more people.  Build apps for phones, tablets PCs, sensors, appliances, and kiosks–in cars, living rooms, pockets, offices, and schools.

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Sell apps. Keep more.

Keep 80% of your revenue from apps, and 100% of in-app transactions through a third party.

More from apps. Keep up to 80% of your revenue when you reach $25,000 USD in the Windows Store. Compare against the Apple store and Google Play at 70%.

More from sales. Keep more from third-party in-app transactions—Microsoft takes nothing. Use Paypal, Fortumo, or your own solution.

Windows Azure cloud support. Add a backend that grows and shrinks resource usage based on needs—and you pay only for the resources your app uses.

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Start faster. You're almost there.

Develop apps in languages you know.

Use your skills. Use what you know to start creating: write apps in C# and Visual Basic with XAML, C++ with XAML or DirectX, and JavaScript with HTML/CSS.

All-in-one tools. Use a common toolset in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 for all Microsoft platforms, and maximize code sharing between Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, and Windows Embedded 8.

We speak your language. Build applications in any language, tool, or framework with the power of Windows Azure.

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Gaming controller

Serious fun

The way we play is changing, and the possibilities to bring your gaming vision to life are endless in the Windows ecosystem. Whether you’re building a casual mobile game, a high-concept strategy epic, or just need backend support for your existing system, there’s room for your vision.

Give players more ways to interact with your games, from touch to voice to motion. Reach more people, and keep more of what you earn. Are you ready to get serious about fun?