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Windows hardware certification

Windows hardware certification (aka Windows Logo Program for Hardware or WHQL) helps you build products that customers trust and want to buy. If you have new or updated drivers, systems, or peripheral hardware that you want available for Windows, then you must certify them. When you certify your products for Windows, you help create high-quality, end-to-end hardware experiences. To learn more about the benefits of certification and see what’s new with the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK), check out the video section below.

Start the certification process

Whether you’re new to certification or just want quick access to the certification testing process, this step-by-step guide is worth checking out.

Requirements for certification

Planning hardware products for Windows 8.1? Get the latest information about requirements and policy for Windows hardware certification.

Hardware dashboard

This is your one-stop shop for everything from submitting your hardware to tracking the performance of your products, and much more.

Download the Windows HCK

Get the Hardware Certification Kit so you can start testing your systems and devices.

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Certify for Windows

Certification: It matters

This video shows you how the hardware certification program helps you make sure your device works great with Windows. See how you can take part in the program and use our partner network and Windows logo.
Get started today

Install the HCK

This video shows you how to install an HCK environment, which includes a test server and test client. When it's installed, you can access tools, guidelines, and support information to help you get your hardware certified.
Download the HCK

Begin testing

This video shows you how to use the HCK to create a project, run tests against a test client, and create a submission package.
Create your first project

Submit your test package

This video shows how to submit a hardware test package for certification using the hardware dashboard.
Submit your test package