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dbc_AfterDropView Event
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dbc_AfterDropView Event

Occurs after SQL view definition is removed from the current database. There are two versions of the syntax.

PROCEDURE dbc_AfterDropView(cViewName) 

PROCEDURE dbc_AfterDropView



Specifies the name of the view deleted from the current database.

DROP VIEW is almost identical to DELETE VIEW; DROP VIEW is the ANSI SQL standard syntax for deleting a SQL view. Both commands remove a view definition from the active database, but the syntax is slightly different.

You can use the dbc_AfterDropView event to track access to the database after a view definition is removed from the database.

* Reports to the screen Event name, where it is called from and ;
* the parameter passed.
PROCEDURE dbc_AfterDropView ;
 ? '>>   ' + PROGRAM()
 ?? ' in ' + SUBSTR(SYS(16),RAT('\',SYS(16))+1)
 ? '     cViewName  = ' + TRANSFORM(cViewName) + ' - ' ;
                    + TYPE('cViewName ')+' /end/ '

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