This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Debugging (ATL Server) 

The following topics provide information about debugging ATL Server Web applications and XML Web services.

In This Section

Viewing Trace Messages And Handling Asserts

Provides step-by-step information for viewing trace messages and assertion failures from ATL Server DLLs running in Internet Information Services (IIS).

Automatically Attaching To The Web Server Process

Describes how to automatically attach the debugger to the correct Web server process.

Related Sections

Debugging an ATL Server Web Application

Discusses how to debug a Web application on a local host, remote server, or server farm.

Debugging an ATL Server Web Service

Describes how to debug an XML Web service designed with ATL Server on a local host, remote server, or server farm.


Provides links to using the Visual Studio debugger to correct logic errors in your application or stored procedures.

Debugging Visual C++

Provides links to topics discussing common debugging problems and techniques for C and C++ applications.

Debugging Injected Code

Describes how to debug attributes, which inject code into your project.

Detaching Programs

Provides information about dbgproxy.exe, which allows you to disconnect the debugger from a program.

ATL Server

Provides links to conceptual information about the functionality of ATL Server.

ATL Server Samples

Provides links to samples demonstrating how ATL Server is used.

ATL Server Reference

Provides links to language reference documentation for the ATL Server Library.

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