This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Undo Checkout Dialog Box (Plug-in)

Visual Studio 2005

Cancels a checkout operation on a source-controlled item, undoing all changes.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual Studio, on the File menu, click Source Control, and then click Undo Checkout.


Identifies the columns to display and the order in which they are displayed.

Flat View

Displays the items for which you undoing the checkout as flat lists under their source control connection.


Displays the names of the items that have been checked out. Items appear with the check boxes next to them selected. If you do not want to undo the checkout for a particular item, clear its check box.


Displays undo checkout options when the arrow to the right of the button is clicked. The only available option is Advanced, which allows you to select from the following possible options to specify what happens to the local copy of an item when you undo a checkout:

Option Description


Specifies the Visual SourceSafe default, which is Replace.


Specifies that the SourceSafe plug-in should replace the local version of an item with the latest version under source control, or with the item version from which it was derived. See Remarks.


Specifies that the SourceSafe plug-in should leave the local version of an item as it is.


Changes the sort order of the displayed columns.

Tree View

Displays the folder and item hierarchy for items for which to undo the checkout.

Undo Checkout

Undoes the checkout for the selected items.


If you have checked out the local version of an item, selection of the Replace option will cause the SourceSafe plug-in to replace the local copy with the master copy from which it was derived. For example, suppose that you have checked out version 2 of a file using the Checkout local version option in the Check Out for Edit dialog box, and a teammate has checked in some changes to create version 3. When you undo the checkout for the file, the SourceSafe plug-in overwrites your local copy with version 2, instead of version 3.

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