PUSH KEY Command
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PUSH KEY Command

Places all current ON KEY LABEL command settings on a stack in memory.




Clears all current key assignments from memory.

PUSH KEY, when used with POP KEY, makes it possible for you to save key assignments defined with ON KEY LABEL commands, change these assignments, and then restore the previous assignments.

For example, you may want to use a new set of ON KEY LABEL commands when you open a Browse window. Before you open the Browse window, use PUSH KEY to save the current ON KEY LABEL key assignments in memory. You can then add or change ON KEY LABEL assignments specifically for the Browse window. After you close the Browse window, your previous ON KEY LABEL key assignments can be restored from memory with POP KEY.

ON KEY LABEL settings are placed on and removed from the stack in a last-in, first-out order.

DISPLAY STATUS and LIST STATUS show the current key assignments defined with ON KEY LABEL commands. Key assignments take up memory, so every PUSH KEY should have a corresponding POP KEY to make sure your application's memory usage does not grow unnecessarily.

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