This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


This member function is called by the framework to update the status of the toolbar or status bar.

virtual void OnUpdateCmdUI(
   CFrameWnd* pTarget,
   BOOL bDisableIfNoHndler 
) = 0;



Points to the main frame window of the application. This pointer is used for routing update messages.


Flag that indicates whether a control that has no update handler should be automatically displayed as disabled.

To update an individual button or pane, use the ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI macro in your message map to set an update handler appropriately. See ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI for more information about using this macro.

OnUpdateCmdUI is called by the framework when the application is idle. The frame window to be updated must be a child window, at least indirectly, of a visible frame window. OnUpdateCmdUI is an advanced overridable.