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Illustrates how to use the string::operator>> Standard Template Library (STL) function in Visual C++.

template<class E, class TYPE, class A> inline
   basic_istream<E, TYPE>&
   operator>>(basic_istream<E, TYPE>& InStream,
   basic_string<E, TYPE, A>& String);


The class/parameter names in the prototype do not match the version in the header file. Some have been modified to improve readability.

The operator>> is used to populate a string with the contents of an input stream.

Security noteSecurity Note

This operator copies data from an input source to a variable. If the input is not verified, this could potentially lead to a buffer overrun. For more information, see Avoiding Buffer Overruns.

// string_operator_extract_sample.cpp
// compile with: /EHsc
// Illustrates how to use the operator>> to extract
// a string from an input stream, populating a string
// variable with the contents.
// Functions:
//    operator>>  Extracts a string from an input stream.

#pragma warning(disable:4786)
#include <string>
#include <iostream>

using namespace std ;

int main()
   string s1;
   cout << "Enter a word: ";
   cin >> s1;
   cout << "You entered: " << s1 << endl;



Sample Output

Enter a word: test
You entered: test

Header: <string>

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