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How to: Refactor Code with Extract Method 

The following procedure describes how to create a new method from a code fragment of an existing member. Use this procedure to perform the Extract Method refactoring operation.

To use Extract Method

  1. Create a console application as described in the example below.

    For more information, see Console Application.

  2. In the Code Editor, select the code fragment you want to extract:

    double area = PI * radius * radius.
  3. Select Extract Method on the Refactor menu. The Extract Method Dialog Box appears.

    You can also type the keyboard shortcut CTRL+R, CTRL+M to display the Extract Method Dialog Box.

    You can also right-click the selected code, point to Refactor on the context menu, and then click Extract Method to display the Extract Method Dialog Box.

  4. Specify a name for the new method in the New Method Name text box such as CircleArea. A preview of the new method signature displays under Preview Method Signature.

  5. Click the OK button.


To set up this example, create a console application named ExtractMethod, and then replace Class1 with the following code. For more information, see Console Application.

    class A
        const double PI = 3.141592;

        double CalculatePaintNeeded(double paintPerUnit, double radius)
            // Select any of the following:
            // 1. The entire next line of code.
            // 2. The right-hand side of the next line of code.
            // 3. Just "PI *" of the right-hand side of the next line
            //    of code (to see the prompt for selection expansion).
            // 4.  All code within the method body.
            // ...Then invoke Extract Method.

            double area = PI * radius * radius;

            return area / paintPerUnit;

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