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How to: Continue a Windows Service (Visual Basic)

How to: Continue a Windows Service (Visual Basic) 

This example uses the ServiceController component to continue the IIS Admin service on the local computer.


    Dim theController As System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController
    theController = New System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController("IISAdmin")
    ' Checks that the service is paused.
    If theController.Status = _
      System.ServiceProcess.ServiceControllerStatus.Paused Then

      ' Continues the service.
    End If

This code example is also available as an IntelliSense code snippet. In the code snippet picker, it is located in Windows Operating System > Windows Services. For more information, see How to: Insert Snippets Into Your Code (Visual Basic).

Compiling the Code

This example requires:

  • A project reference to System.serviceprocess.dll.

  • Access to the members of the System.ServiceProcess namespace. Add an Imports statement if you are not fully qualifying member names in your code. For more information, see Imports Statement.

Robust Programming

The MachineName property of the ServiceController class is the local computer by default. To reference Windows services on another computer, change the MachineName property to the name of that computer.

You cannot call the Continue method on a service until the service controller status is Paused.

The following conditions may cause an exception:


Control of services on the computer may be restricted by using the ServiceControllerPermissionAccess enumeration to set permissions in the ServiceControllerPermission class.

Access to service information may be restricted by using the PermissionState enumeration to set permissions in the SecurityPermission class.

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