This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


This function is called to register every object in the object map.

ATLINLINE ATLAPI AtlComModuleRegisterServer(
   _ATL_COM_MODULE* pComModule,
   BOOL bRegTypeLib,
   const CLSID* pCLSID



Pointer to the COM module.


TRUE if the type library is to be registered.


Points to the CLSID of the object to be registered. If NULL, all objects in the object map will be registered.

Returns S_OK on success, or an error HRESULT on failure.

AtlComModuleRegisterServer walks the ATL autogenerated object map and registers each object in the map. If pCLSID is not NULL, then only the object referred to by pCLSID is registered; otherwise all of the objects are registered.

This function is called by CAtlComModule::RegisterServer.