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/target:winexe (Create a Windows Program) (C# Compiler Options) 

The /target:winexe option causes the compiler to create an executable (EXE), Windows program.


The executable file will be created with the .exe extension. A Windows program is one that provides a user interface from either the .NET Framework library or with the Win32 APIs.

Use /target:exe to create a console application.

Unless otherwise specified with the /out option, the output file name takes the name of the input file that contains the Main method.

When specified at the command line, all files until the next /out or /target option are used to create the Windows program.

One and only one Main method is required in the source code files that are compiled into an .exe file. The /main option lets you specify which class contains the Main method, in cases where your code has more than one class with a Main method.

To set this compiler option in the Visual Studio development environment

  1. Open the project's Properties page. For details, see How to: Set Project Properties (C#, J#).

  2. Click the Application property page.

  3. Modify the Output type property.

For information on how to set this compiler option programmatically, see OutputType.

Compile in.cs into a Windows program:

csc /target:winexe in.cs

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