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Called by the framework when the frame window containing the view is activated or deactivated.

virtual void OnActivateFrame(
   UINT nState,
   CFrameWnd* pFrameWnd 



Specifies whether the frame window is being activated or deactivated. It can be one of the following values:

  • WA_INACTIVE   The frame window is being deactivated.

  • WA_ACTIVE   The frame window is being activated through some method other than a mouse click (for example, by use of the keyboard interface to select the window).

  • WA_CLICKACTIVE   The frame window is being activated by a mouse click


Pointer to the frame window that is to be activated.

Override this member function if you want to perform special processing when the frame window associated with the view is activated or deactivated. For example, CFormView performs this override when it saves and restores the control that has focus.

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