This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Array declarations cannot specify lower bounds 

Arrays always have a lower bound of zero. You can specify zero as the lower bound to make your code more readable. However, you cannot specify any other value for the lower bound.

Error ID: BC30805

To correct this error

  • Dimension arrays as one less than the total number of elements. For example, Dim y(6) has the same size (7 elements) as Dim x(3 To 9). You can also specify Dim y(0 To 6).

  • Use offsets to simulate nonzero lower bounds. The following example simulates an array dimensioned from 3 to 9.

    Const offset As Integer = 3
    Dim arrayIndex As Integer
    ' arrayIndex can vary between 3 and 9.
    Dim y(0 To 6)
    ' The preceding statement allocates the same number of elements
    ' as Dim y(3 To 9).
    y(arrayIndex - offset) = value
    ' The preceding statement converts arrayIndex to the
    ' corresponding index of y.

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