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Moves the read position in a stream.

basic_istream& seekg(
   pos_type _Pos
basic_istream& seekg(
   off_type _Off,
   ios_base::seekdir _Way



An offset to move the read pointer relative to way.


The absolute position in which to move the read pointer.


One of the ios_base::seekdir enumerations.

The stream (*this).

If fail is false, the first member function calls newpos = rdbuf -> pubseekpos(_Pos), for some pos_type temporary object newpos. If fail is false, the second function calls newpos = rdbuf -> pubseekoff(_Off, _Way). In either case, if (off_type)newpos == (off_type)(-1) (the positioning operation fails), the function calls istr.setstate(failbit). Both functions return *this.

// basic_istream_seekg.cpp
// compile with: /EHsc
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>

int main ( ) 
   using namespace std;
   ifstream file;
   char c, c1; "basic_istream_seekg.txt" );
   file.seekg(2);   // chars to skip
   file >> c;
   cout << c << endl;

   file.seekg( 0, ios_base::beg );
   file >> c;
   cout << c << endl;

   file.seekg( -1, ios_base::end );
   file >> c1;
   cout << c1 << endl;


Header: <istream>

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