Search for Status Dialog Box (Explorer)

Searches for files by their database checkout status. You can use a search by status to find all checked-out files or only those files checked out by a specific user.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, on the View menu, click Search, and then Status Search.

If you want to search for all files that you have checked out in the current project, you can press SHIFT+CTRL+S. The Search for Status dialog box is not displayed in this case.

Search Area

Specifies the area to search: the current project, the current project and all subprojects, or all projects.

Status Search

Specifies the type of checkout status on which to search. Possible options are:

Option Description

Display all checked out files

Lists all checked-out files in the selected search area. The files are organized by project.

Display files checked out to

Lists only files checked out to the user you specify.

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