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Data in Office Solutions

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  • One of these development environments:

    VSTO 2005


    Visual Studio Team System

  • Microsoft Office 2003

Data is important in almost every solution. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System enables you to take advantage of powerful data processing tools, and incorporate the results into your Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and Microsoft Office Word 2003 solutions.

In This Section

Data in Office Solutions Overview

Describes generally how data works in Office solutions, including information on schema-oriented programming, data caching, and server-side data access.

Connecting to Data

Provides links to topics that demonstrate how to get data into your Office solutions.

Data Binding (Visual Studio Tools for Office)

Lists topics that show how to bind controls, including host controls, to data.

Caching Data

Provides links to topics that demonstrate how to cache data in your Visual Studio Tools for Office solution documents.

Accessing Data in Documents on the Server

Lists topics that provide an overview of server-side data access, and code for performing specific tasks.

XML Schemas and Data (Visual Studio Tools for Office)

Lists topics that describe how to map XML schemas to Office documents, and how to pull data from XML files into your document.

Related Sections

Accessing Data (Visual Studio)

Lists topics that illustrate how to work with data using Visual Basic and Visual C#.

Saving Data

Provides links to topics on working with datasets, including modifying data in a dataset and writing changes back to the data source.

Data Model Overview

Describes how data and view are separated in Visual Studio Tools for Office solutions, and provides an overview on server documents and data caching.

Automating Applications Using the Office Object Model

Lists topics pertaining to automation, which is the key technology that makes creating an integrated Microsoft Office 2003 solution possible and is part of the Component Object Model (COM) technology.

Creating Office Solutions in Visual Studio

Provides links to information on how to get started creating projects using Visual Studio Tools for Office.