Compiler Warning C4368
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Compiler Warning C4368

Error Message

cannot define 'member' as a member of managed 'type': mixed types are not supported

You cannot embed a native data member in a CLR type.

You can, however, declare a pointer to a native type and control its lifetime in the constructor and destructor and finalizer of your managed class (see Destructors and Finalizers in Visual C++ for more information).

This warning is always issued as an error. Use the warning pragma to disable C4368.


The following sample generates C4368.

// C4368.cpp
// compile with: /clr /c
struct N {};
ref struct O {};
ref struct R {
    R() : m_p( new N ) {}
    ~R() { delete m_p; }

   property N prop;   // C4368
   int i[10];   // C4368

   property O ^ prop2;   // OK
   N * m_p;   // OK
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