Delete_Local Initialization Variable

Specifies Yes if Visual SourceSafe Explorer is to delete local files when processing commands such as Add Files, Check In, Undo Check Out, and Share. If you set this variable to Yes, local files will be deleted and your working folder will contain only the files that you are working on. If you set it to No (default), Visual SourceSafe will keep a copy of the entire project in your working folder.

Delete_Local = {Yes|No}

When you set this variable to Yes, you cannot compile out of your working folder, since crucial files might not be there. For this reason, when you set Delete_Local to Yes, you might want to add a shadow folder for the project. See How to: Create and Maintain Shadow Folders.

With Delete_Local set to Yes, you can still use the Get Latest Version command to retrieve a file to your working folder. In this case, the file remains in your working folder until you delete it, or check it out and then check it in.

Specifies that the local copy of a file is not deleted when you finish working with it:

Delete_Local = No