This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Specify a Publishing Location 

When publishing a ClickOnce application, the Publish Location property specifies the location where the application files and manifest will be placed. This can be a URL for a Web server, a file path, or the path to an FTP server.

The Publish Location property can be set on the Publish page of the Project Designer.


The Publish Location can also be set using the Publish Wizard. For more information, see How to: Publish a ClickOnce Application.

To specify a publishing location

  1. With a project selected in Solution Explorer, on the Project menu, click Properties.

  2. Click the Publish tab.

  3. In the Publish Location field, enter the publishing location using one of the following formats:

    • To publish to a Web server, enter the URL using the format

    • To publish to a file share or disk path, enter the path using either a UNC path (\\Server\ApplicationName) or a file path (C:\Deploy\ApplicationName).

    • To publish to an FTP server, enter the path using the format

    Note that text must be present in the Publishing Location edit box in order for the Browse (...) button to work.

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