This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Web Deployment Property Page 

The Web Deployment property page specifies how the web deployment tool will install the files produced by your project so that they are served by Internet Information Services (IIS). Enabling web deployment frees you from having to create virtual directories, configure application mappings, and copy content during development of your applications.


Web Deployment can only be carried out by a user who is a member of the Administrators group on the local machine. Web Deployment can only deploy to the first web site on the local machine.


Deployment of ATL Server projects to IIS is not supported on a Web server running on any 64-bit platform.

This property page is available for all C++ projects.

The Web Deployment property page contains the following properties:

Excluded From Build

Specifies whether or not deployment occurs when the project is built. Set to Yes to disable deployment or set to No to enable deployment.

Relative Path

The path relative to the virtual directory to which the primary project output will be copied.

Additional Files

The semicolon-separated list of additional files to be deployed. Files can be specified with project-relative or absolute paths and can make use of the macros for build commands and properties.

The primary project output and files in the project marked as deployable content need not be listed here. You can use the Content property exposed by the Properties Window to mark files as deployable content.

Files beneath the project directory that are marked as deployable content or as additional files will be copied to a location relative to the virtual directory directly corresponding to their location relative to the project directory. Files that are not in the project directory or a subdirectory under the project will be placed directly in the virtual directory.

Unload Before Copy

Specifies whether or not to unload the ISAPI extension(s) associated with the virtual directory before deploying.

If this property is set to Yes and the ISAPI extension is running in the IIS process, the WWW publishing service will be reset; otherwise, only the virtual directory specified in Virtual Directory Name will be affected.

Register Output

Specifies whether or not the primary project output should be registered using regsvr32 after deployment. This property should only be set to Yes when the primary project output is an ISAPI extension.

Virtual Directory Name

The alias of the virtual directory. This virtual directory will be created if it doesn't already exist.

Application Mappings

The semicolon-separated list of file extensions to be associated with the primary project output. Each item in the list must include only the period and the extension. This property should only be set when the primary project output is an ISAPI extension.

Application Protection

The level of process isolation used by the virtual directory.


Medium isolation is treated as high isolation on Windows NT 4 because that version of IIS does not support medium isolation.

See the documentation for VCWebDeploymentTool for information about programmatic access to the properties on this page.

For information on how to access the Web Deployment property page, see Setting Visual C++ Project Properties.

Web Deployment is a build step that will only occur if the link step occurs. See Understanding Custom Build Steps and Build Events to see when this build step is executed in relation to the other steps.

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