This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Throws an Internet exception.

void AFXAPI AfxThrowInternetException(
   DWORD dwContext,
   DWORD dwError = 0 


The context identifier for the operation that caused the error. The default value of dwContext is specified originally in CInternetSession and is passed to CInternetConnection- and CInternetFile-derived classes. For specific operations performed on a connection or a file, you usually override the default with a dwContext of your own. This value then is returned to CInternetSession::OnStatusCallback to identify the specific operation's status. For more information on context identifiers, see the article Internet First Steps: WinInet.


The error that caused the exception.

You are responsible for determining the cause based on the operating-system error code.


To call this function, your project must include AFXINET.H.

Header: afxinet.h