This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Searches for the previous or next control within a group of controls in a dialog box.

CWnd* GetNextDlgGroupItem(
   CWnd* pWndCtl,
   BOOL bPrevious = FALSE 
) const;
COleControlSiteOrWnd* GetNextDlgGroupItem(
   COleControlSiteOrWnd *pCurSiteOrWnd = NULL
) const;


Identifies the control to be used as the starting point for the search.


Specifies how the function is to search the group of controls in the dialog box. If TRUE, the function searches for the previous control in the group; if FALSE, it searches for the next control in the group.


Identifies the COleControlSiteOrWnd control. For more information about COleControlSiteOrWnd, see Remarks.

Pointer to the previous or next control in the group if the member function is successful.

The returned pointer may be temporary and should not be stored for later use.

A group of controls begins with a control that was created with the WS_GROUP style and ends with the last control that was not created with the WS_GROUP style.

By default, the GetNextDlgGroupItem member function returns a pointer to the next control in the group. If pWndCtl identifies the first control in the group and bPrevious is TRUE, GetNextDlgGroupItem returns a pointer to the last control in the group.


Because MFC supports windowless ActiveX controls, standard ActiveX controls, and windows, referring to a control by only an HWND no longer suffices. The COleControlSiteOrWnd object includes information that identifies the object as a windowed ActiveX control, a windowless ActiveX control, or a window, as follows:

Control or window type

Identifying information

Windowed ActiveX control

Contains an HWND and associates a COleControlSite object with it. The m_hWnd member of COleControlSiteOrWnd is set to the HWND of the control, and the m_pSite member points to the control's COleControlSite.

Windowless ActiveX control

Contains no HWND. The m_pSite member of COleControlSiteOrWnd points to the control's COleControlSite, and the m_hWnd member is NULL.

Standard window

Contains just an HWND. The m_hWnd member of COleControlSiteOrWnd is set to the HWND of the window, and the m_pSite member is NULL.

Header: afxwin.h