This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Advanced Build Settings Dialog Box (J#)

Visual Studio 2005

Use the Advanced Build Settings dialog box to specify additional compiler options for your Visual J# project.

Debug Info

Set to generate debugging information and place it in the output file, or to generate a PDB only. Use this option to create debug builds. Sets the compiler option /debug (Emit Debugging Information) (Visual J#).

DLL Base Address

Specifies the preferred base address at which to load a DLL. See /baseaddress (Specify Base Address of DLL) (Visual J# ) for more information.

Disable Language Extensions

From the list, select the option to enable all language extentions, disable all language extensions, or disable only .NET extensions. Sets the compiler option /x (Disable Language Extensions).

Code Page

If you compile one or more source code files that were not created to use the default code page on your computer, specify the code page to use. This setting applies to all source code files in your compilation. Sets the compiler option /codepage (Specify Code Page for Source Code Files) (Visual J#)

Java-COM Package Association

Required if the application accesses two or more COM DLLs containing coclasses or interfaces with the same name. Sets the compiler option /jcpa (Associate Java-Language/COM Packages).

Enable Secure Scoping

Restricts the scope for package scoped classes in a package. Sets the compiler option /securescoping (Make Package-Scoped Members Inaccessible Outside Assembly).

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