To create a new Microsoft Jet (.MDB) database, call this member function after you construct a CDaoDatabase object.

virtual void Create( 
   LPCTSTR lpszName, 
   LPCTSTR lpszLocale = dbLangGeneral, 
   int dwOptions = 0  



A string expression that is the name of the database file that you are creating. It can be the full path and filename, such as "C:\\MYDB.MDB". You must supply a name. If you do not supply a filename extension, .MDB is appended. If your network supports the uniform naming convention (UNC), you can also specify a network path, such as "\\\\MYSERVER\\MYSHARE\\MYDIR\\MYDB". Only Microsoft Jet (.MDB) database files can be created using this member function. (Double backslashes are required in string literals because "\" is the C++ escape character.)


A string expression used to specify collating order for creating the database. The default value is dbLangGeneral. Possible values are:

  • dbLangGeneral   English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Modern Spanish

  • dbLangArabic   Arabic

  • dbLangCyrillic   Russian

  • dbLangCzech   Czech

  • dbLangDutch   Dutch

  • dbLangGreek   Greek

  • dbLangHebrew   Hebrew

  • dbLangHungarian   Hungarian

  • dbLangIcelandic   Icelandic

  • dbLangNordic   Nordic languages (Microsoft Jet database engine version 1.0 only)

  • dbLangNorwdan   Norwegian and Danish

  • dbLangPolish   Polish

  • dbLangSpanish   Traditional Spanish

  • dbLangSwedfin   Swedish and Finnish

  • dbLangTurkish   Turkish


An integer that indicates one or more options. Possible values are:

  • dbEncrypt   Create an encrypted database.

  • dbVersion10   Create a database with Microsoft Jet database version 1.0.

  • dbVersion11   Create a database with Microsoft Jet database version 1.1.

  • dbVersion20   Create a database with Microsoft Jet database version 2.0.

  • dbVersion30   Create a database with Microsoft Jet database version 3.0.

If you omit the encryption constant, an unencrypted database is created. You can specify only one version constant. If you omit a version constant, a database that uses the Microsoft Jet database version 3.0 is created.

Caution noteCaution

If a database is not encrypted, it is possible, even if you implement user/password security, to directly read the binary disk file that constitutes the database.

Create creates the database file and the underlying DAO database object and initializes the C++ object. The object is appended to the associated workspace's Databases collection. The database object is in an open state; do not call Open after Create.


With Create, you can create only Microsoft Jet (.MDB) databases. You cannot create ISAM databases or ODBC databases.

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