This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Deploying Applications and Components

Deployment is the process by which you distribute a finished application or component to be installed on other computers. In Visual Studio .NET, deployment is based on Microsoft Windows Installer technology.

Tools are provided to create installers for Windows-based or Web-based applications and components, and to create .cab files for download.

The following topics will help you learn more about deployment.

In This Section

What's New in Deployment
Describes deployment changes in Visual Studio .NET from the traditional deployment model in Visual Studio 6.0.
Methods of Deployment
Provides links to topics on various deployment methods.
Deployment Concepts
Provides links to topics covering concepts related to deployment.
Deploying Applications
Provides links to topics describing various deployment tasks.
Deployment Walkthroughs
Lists topics that provide step-by-step examples of some common deployment scenarios.

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