This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Compiler COM Support Samples

The samples in this section demonstrate the Visual C++ compiler's built-in support for COM. For more information on the COM support classes and compiler features included with Visual C++, see Compiler COM Support.

Sample Description
ACDUAL Adds dual interfaces to an Automation application.
ADOSAMP Implements a three-tier client/server application.
ALLINONE Implements a server using ATL, exposing STL collections, and controlled by compiler COM support in an MFC application.
COMEXCEL A standalone Automation client that creates a new Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and generates a pie chart of the data stored on that spreadsheet.
COMMAIL Demonstrates an Automation client application with MAPI for Microsoft Exchange (or Outlook) and compiler COM support.
COMMAP Demonstrates COM interface map entry macros with compiler COM support.
CONNECT Illustrates the use and implementation of connection points (the IConnectionPointContainer and IConnectionPoint interfaces) in a multithreaded environment.
DCOM Demonstrates how to call a COM object implemented in a Windows service from multiple clients running on different computers.
FREETHRD Demonstrates a multithreaded client and free-threaded server with compiler COM support.
INPROC Demonstrates an in-process Automation server application with compiler COM support.
LABRADOR Implements an EXE server that does not have any user interface.
MFCCALC Demonstrates an Automation server application with compiler COM support.

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