This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Using Help in Visual Studio .NET

The Visual Studio .NET Help collection presents information about languages, designers, and technologies in a variety of ways. Use the following links to read more about how you can get the help you need, when you need it.

In This Section

Strategies for Using Help
Discusses how you can get specific results from the variety of Help features in Visual Studio .NET.
Document Conventions
Shows how typographical conventions are used to indicate the meaning and function of text in Help topics.
Graphics within Help Topics
Shows the three different graphics that can be displayed in topic headers and describes how they link to additional types of information related to the topics.
Tips for Using the Help Keyword Index
Describes ways you can optimize and limit the results you get from using the Index window.
Using the Combined Help Collection Manager
Explains when and how you can select which Help collections to include in the default "Visual Studio .NET Combined Help Collection" (VSCC).

Related Sections

Browsing Code and Components
Explains how you can use the Object Browser to look inside the components, classes, and libraries your projects can use.
Sample Viewer
Use the Sample Viewer to load a sample solution and copy its source files, copy a sample's source files without loading the solution, or view a sample's non-binary source files.
Creating and Using Filters
Describes ways to narrow the scope of documentation that Help displays.
Locating Information
Summarizes the ways you can find topics and articles using Microsoft Document Explorer.
Finding Information with Full-Text Search
Describes how to use the Search window.
Help, Environment, Options Dialog Box a
Allows you to set options for Preferred Language and Preferred Collection.
Customizing Dynamic Help
Describes ways you can change the content displayed in the Dynamic Help window and context it uses to determine the links it provides.
Customizing Microsoft Document Explorer
Describes the various aspects of the viewer that you can change.
Locating Readme Files
Lists the various Readme files for the designers, languages, and products that are part of the integrated development environment (IDE).
What's New in Visual Studio .NET
Summarizes the new and enhanced features available with this version of Visual Studio.