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COlePasteSpecialDialog Class

class COlePasteSpecialDialog : public COleDialog


The COlePasteSpecialDialog class is used for the OLE Paste Special dialog box. Create an object of class COlePasteSpecialDialog when you want to call this dialog box. After a COlePasteSpecialDialog object has been constructed, you can use the AddFormat and AddStandardFormats member functions to add Clipboard formats to the dialog box. You can also use the m_ps structure to initialize the values or states of controls in the dialog box. The m_ps structure is of type OLEUIPASTESPECIAL.

For more information, see the OLEUIPASTESPECIAL structure in the Platform SDK.

For more information regarding OLE-specific dialog boxes, see the article Dialog Boxes in OLE.


Header: afxodlgs.h

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