USB driver samples

The topic contains basic information about the USB samples that are available for download from the Windows driver samples repository on GitHub.

USB Samples

Sample nameSample description

WDF Sample Driver Learning Lab for OSR USB-FX2

Sample UMDF Function Driver for OSR USB-FX2

Sample KMDF Function Driver for OSR USB-FX2

The OSRUSBFX2 sample shows how to perform bulk and interrupt data transfers to a Universal Serial Bus (USB) device by using the Microsoft Windows Driver Frameworks (WDF). This sample is written for the OSR USB-FX2 Learning Kit. The specification for the device can be found at Using the OSR USB FX-2 Learning Kit V2.0.


The USBSAMP sample shows how to perform bulk and isochronous data transfers to a generic USB device by using the Windows Driver Framework (WDF). This sample is written for the Intel 82930 USB test board. It contains a console test application to initiate bulk and isochronous transfers and obtain information about the device's I/O endpoints. The application also demonstrates how to use GUID-based device names and pipe names that are generated by the operating system using the SetupDiXXX user-mode APIs.


The USBVIEW sample shows how a user-mode application can enumerate USB host controllers, USB hubs, and attached USB devices and can query information about the devices from the registry and through USB requests to the devices. USBVIEW is based on the Windows Driver Model (WDM).

Note  For USBView tool, get the executable from Windows Driver Kit (WDK) (Tools\<arch> folder).


Building a Sample

For information about building the sample drivers, see Developing, Testing, and Deploying Drivers.

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