PCMCIA driver development


This section describes PCMCIA bus drivers so that you can design and develop a bus driver for a PCMCIA memory card.

Where Applicable

PCMCIA bus drivers are used with devices such as PCMCIA memory cards and linear flash memory cards.

Developer Audience

This section is intended for use by C programmers. Before you use this section, you should understand basic driver development and be familiar with storage device driver concepts. For more information, see Getting Started with Windows Drivers.

Run-Time Requirements

PCMCIA bus drivers are supported on the Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows XP, and Microsoft Windows 2000 operating systems.

Design guide for writing PCMCIA drivers

Describes features of PCMCIA device drivers, including information about the attribute memory and IRQ routing of PCMCIA devices.


Describes the routines that are provided by the system PCMCIA bus driver and I/O requests and structures that are unique to PCMCIA devices.




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