Kernel-Mode Code Signing Walkthrough

Kernel-mode software must be digitally signed to be loaded on x64-based versions of Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows family of operating systems. In addition, content protection policies for next-generation premium content might require signed kernel-mode software for certain configurations of x86-based systems. This paper provides a beginning-to-end walkthrough of how to digitally sign both test and release versions of kernel-mode software.

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Included in this white paper:

  • Getting Started with Code Signing
  • Code Signing Tools Overview
  • How to Test Sign a Kernel Module
  • How to Install and Load a Test-signed Driver Package
  • How to Troubleshoot Test-Signed Drivers
  • How to Release Sign a Kernel Module
  • How to Install and Load a Release-signed Driver Package
  • How to Troubleshoot Release-Signed Drivers
  • How to Disable Signature Enforcement on a Test Computer



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