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64-bit System Archive

Best Practices for WOW64
Porting and Optimizing Multimedia Codecs for AMD64 Architecture on Windows [304 KB]

ACPI / Power Management Archive

How to Identify the Windows Version in ACPI by Using _OSI
Increase System Power Efficiency with Idle Detection
Power Availability Requests
Power In, Dollars Out: How to Stem the Flow in the Data Center
Power Management and ACPI - Architecture and Driver Support: Microsoft ASL Compiler, v.4.0.0 [788 KB]
The Science of Sleep
Using PowerCfg to Evaluate System Energy Efficiency

Audio Archive

HD Audio UAA Class Driver 1.1 Overview
Plug and Play Guidelines for High Definition Audio Devices
Windows 7 Audio Logo Changes

Debugging Archive

Debug Port Specification

Display and Graphics Archive

Color Management Concepts
Evolution in the Microsoft Color Management Ecosystem
Graphics Guide for Windows 7
sRGB Color Management Case Studies
Transient Multimon Manager (TMM)
Windows Color System and API: An Overview

Driver Archive

Architecture of the User-Mode Driver Framework
Bitlocker Drive Encryption: Value-Add Extensibility Options
COM QuickStart for UMDF Developers
Creating Custom Device Icons
Designing Driver Packages for Corporate Deployment
Developing Efficient Background Processes for Windows
Driver Verifier in Windows 7
Getting Started with Software Tracing in Windows Drivers
Guidelines for Customizing Mobile Broadband in Windows 7
How to Build, Install, Test, and Debug KMDF Drivers
How to Develop a KMDF Driver [517 KB]
How to Develop a KMDF Driver: Part 1
How to Develop a KMDF Driver: Part 2
How to Port a WDM Driver to KMDF [749 KB]
How to Port a WDM Driver to KMDF: Part 1
How to Port a WDM Driver to KMDF: Part 2
I/O Flow and Dispatching in WDF Drivers
I/O Resource Usage Reduction
Implementing Parental Controls by Using PBDA
Implementing the SourceType XML Element in PBDA Devices
Installing and Configuring Away Mode
Interrupt-Affinity Policy Tool
Kernel-Mode Drivers: Fixing Common Driver Reliability Issues
KMDF Kernel-Mode Driver Framework Architecture for Driver Developers
KMDF: How to Develop Framework Drivers [1.9 MB]
Locked Operations on PCI Express
Performance Testing Guide for Windows
PREfast Step-by-Step 1.5
PREfast Step-by-Step 2.1
PREfast Step-by-Step 8.0
PREfast with Driver-Specific Rules
Sample Drivers for the Kernel Mode Driver Framework
Sample Drivers for the User-Mode Driver Framework
Scheduling, Thread Context, and IRQL
Secure Startup - Full Volume Encryption: Executive Overview
Secure Startup - Full Volume Encryption: Technical Overview
Setup API Log File Guidelines for Driver Developers and Testers
Specifications: Hardware and Firmware Standards
System State-to-Device State Mappings (SxD)
Timers, Timer Resolution, and Development of Efficient Code
User-Mode Interactions: Guidelines for Kernel-Mode Drivers
WDF UMDF User-Mode Driver Framework Introduction for Driver Developers
Architecture of the Windows Driver Foundation
WDF Windows Driver Foundation Versioning
Windows Driver Testing Best Practices
Windows Hardware Platform Lab Previews: Static Driver Verifier for WDM Drivers: WHDC Lab
Windows Native Processor Performance Control
Windows On/Off Transition Performance Analysis
Windows On/Off Transitions Solutions Guide
Windows Platform Binary Table (WPBT)
Windows Timer Coalescing
Windows Update Logic for Offering a Driver
Writing Drivers for Fault Tolerant Systems

File System Archive

Overview of Filter Manager and Minifilter Model from Driver DevCon 2003

Imaging Archive

HD Photo Device Porting Kit Download
Webcam Video Fidelity Tests

Input / HID Archive

Archive: Key Support, Keyboard Scan Codes, and Windows: Keyboard Scan Code Specification
Compelling Solutions for PC Gamers by Using Windows SideShow
Display Guidelines for KVM Switches in Windows 7
Enhancing the Television Experience by Using Windows SideShow
HID Sensors Usages
Using the Universal Driver for Windows SideShow
Windows SideShow Device SDK for .NET Micro Framework v1.4
Windows SideShow Use Guidelines

Networking / Wireless Archive

Building Windows Certified Network Media Devices
Connection Manager Integration with Mobile Broadband [1.6 MB]
How to Write Managed Code That Uses the Mobile Broadband API
Network Driver Compatibility with the Header-Data Split Feature
Network Explorer Extensibility
Protected Broadcast Driver Architecture Specification
WiFi Protected Access Overview
Wireless Provisioning Services

PC Design Archive

Design and Deploy a Great Media Center PC
Guidelines for Bus and Device Specifications
Hardware Design for Surprise Removal
Mobile PC Hardware Button Recommendations
Requirements for TV Pipeline Formats and Media Streams
Windows Media Center Customized Product Requirements

Print / Scan Archive

Distributed Scan Device (WS-DSD)
Distributed Scan Processing (WS-DSP)
Scan Process

Smart Card Archive

Smart Card Minidriver Specification, v.5.07
Smart Card Minidriver Specification, v.6.02
Smart Card Minidriver Specification, v.7

Storage Archive

Bus Type and SCSI Address Reporting for ATA Devices
Designing RAID Adapters to Work with Windows
Disk Subsystem Performance Analysis for Windows
Firmware Allocation of PCI Device Resources in Windows
Firmware Support for PCI Express Hot-Plug and Windows
Internal and External SATA Port Configuration
Local File Systems for Windows
PCI Express and Windows
PCI, PCI-X, and PCI Express FAQ
Reducing the Disk Footprint for Windows 7 Hibernation
Registry Reflection in Windows
Supporting Subtractive PCI-to-PCI Bridges in Windows
Windows Disk Idle Detection

System Internals Archive

Firmware Corruption of Memory During Sleep Transitions
Kernel Enhancements for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008
Kernel WMI Object Security
Memory Sizing Guidance for Windows 7
Multiprocessor Considerations for Kernel-Mode Drivers
Windows Support for Hyper-Threading Technology

USB and 1394 Archive

Archive: Key Support, Keyboard Scan Codes, and Windows: Download USB HID to PS/2 Scan Code Translation Table in PDF format
Archive: Power Management of USB Host Controllers
Microsoft Proposed Extensions to the USB Video Class for H.264
USB Handset Peripherals and Windows
USB Migration Support for Windows 7 Upgrade Scenarios

Windows Hardware Error Architecture Archive

Windows Hardware Error Architecture ACPI Table Specification

Windows Rally Archive

Specifications and Tools: Windows Rally Component License
Specifications and Tools: Windows Rally Dev Kit License
Web Services on Devices and Windows Rally Technologies

Windows Server Platform

AppInit DLLs in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2
Building Hardware and Firmware to Complement Headless Functionality in Windows [296 KB]
Emergency Management Services [159 KB]
Standardizing Out-of-Band Management Console Output and Terminal Emulation (VT-UTF8 and VT100+) [v.0.9; 69KB]
Receive-Side Scaling Enhancements in Windows Server 2008
Recommendations for Power Budgeting with Windows Server
Windows Server 2003 EMS SAC XML Encoding [1.16 MB]
Windows .NET Datacenter Driver Program for OEMs and IxVs



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