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Windows.Media.MediaProperties namespace

Provides classes and other programming elements needed to create properties for media formats.


The Windows.Media.MediaProperties namespace has these types of members:


AudioEncodingProperties Describes the format of an audio stream.
ContainerEncodingProperties Describes a media container format.
H264ProfileIds Provides properties for getting H.265 profile ids.
ImageEncodingProperties Describes the format of an image stream.
MediaEncodingProfile Describes the encoding profile for an audio or video file. The encoding profile includes descriptions of the audio and video encoding formats, and a description of the media container.
MediaEncodingSubtypes Provides properties for getting the standard names for media subtypes.
MediaPropertySet Represents a set of media properties.
MediaRatio Represents ratios used in media operations.
Mpeg2ProfileIds Provides properties for getting MPEG-2 profile ids.
VideoEncodingProperties Describes the format of a video stream.



The Windows.Media.MediaProperties namespace has these enumerations.

AudioEncodingQuality Describes the level of quality of the audio encoding. The higher the quality, the better the audio fidelity, and the larger the resulting file.
MediaMirroringOptions Defines the direction in of a mirror transform.
MediaPixelFormat Defines values for media pixel formats.
MediaRotation Defines the direction and angle of a media rotation transform.
MediaThumbnailFormat Defines values for media formats for thumbnails.
StereoscopicVideoPackingMode Specifies the stereoscopic video packing mode of a video stream.
VideoEncodingQuality Determines the video encoding format.



The Windows.Media.MediaProperties namespace defines these interfaces.

IMediaEncodingProperties Describes the format of a media stream or media container.


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