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Windows.Media namespace

Provides classes for creating and working with media such as photos, audio recordings and videos.


The Windows.Media namespace has these types of members:


AudioBuffer Represents a buffer containing audio data.
AudioFrame Represents a single frame of audio data.
AutoRepeatModeChangeRequestedEventArgs Provides data for the AutoRepeatModeChangeRequested event.
ImageDisplayProperties Provides properties for image information that is displayed by SystemMediaTransportControlsDisplayUpdater class.
MediaControl Describes the object that applications register with, to receive media focus and transport control notifications.
MediaExtensionManager Registers a media parser or codec.
MediaMarkerTypes Provides a static list of media marker types.
MediaProcessingTriggerDetails Provides a media processing background task access to the set of arguments supplied in the call to MediaProcessingTrigger::RequestAsync.
MediaTimelineController Provides information about and control over the rate, position, and state of a MediaPlayer.
MusicDisplayProperties Provides properties for music information that is displayed by the SystemMediaTransportControlsDisplayUpdater class.
PlaybackPositionChangeRequestedEventArgs Provides data for the PlaybackPositionChangeRequested event.
PlaybackRateChangeRequestedEventArgs Provides data for the PlaybackRateChangeRequested event.
ShuffleEnabledChangeRequestedEventArgs Provides data for the ShuffleEnabledChangeRequested event.
SystemMediaTransportControls Represents an object that enables integrate with the system media transport controls and support for media commands.
SystemMediaTransportControlsButtonPressedEventArgs Provides data for the SystemMediaTransportControls.ButtonPressed event.
SystemMediaTransportControlsDisplayUpdater Provides functionality to update the music information that is displayed on the SystemMediaTransportControls.
SystemMediaTransportControlsPropertyChangedEventArgs Occurs when a property is changed on the SystemMediaTransportControls.
SystemMediaTransportControlsTimelineProperties Represents timeline properties of the SystemMediaTransportControls.
VideoDisplayProperties Provides properties for video information that is displayed by SystemMediaTransportControlsDisplayUpdater class.
VideoEffects Provides video-related effects.
VideoFrame Represents a single frame of video data.



The Windows.Media namespace has these enumerations.

AudioBufferAccessMode Defines the access mode of an AudioBuffer returned by AudioFrame::LockBuffer.
AudioProcessing Defines the audio processing modes.
MediaPlaybackAutoRepeatMode Specifies the auto repeat mode for media playback.
MediaPlaybackStatus Defines values for the status of the media playback.
MediaPlaybackType Defines values for the types of media playback.
MediaTimelineControllerState Specifies the state of a MediaTimelineController.
SoundLevel Specifies the sound level of the capture or render stream.
SystemMediaTransportControlsButton Defines values for the buttons on the SystemMediaTransportControls.
SystemMediaTransportControlsProperty Defines values for the properties on the SystemMediaTransportControls.



The Windows.Media namespace defines these interfaces.

IMediaExtension Encapsulates the method needed to set the configuration properties on a registered media parser or codec.
IMediaFrame Represents a single frame of media data.
IMediaMarker Represents a marker at specific location in a media stream time-line.
IMediaMarkers Represents a collection of media markers.


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