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validateOnParse Property

Indicates whether the parser should validate this document.

boolValue = oXMLDOMDocument.validateOnParse;
objXMLDOMDocument.validateOnParse = boolValue;


var xmlDoc = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.3.0");
xmlDoc.async = false;
xmlDoc.validateOnParse = true;
if (xmlDoc.parseError.errorCode != 0) {
   var myErr = xmlDoc.parseError;
   WScript.Echo("You have error " + myErr.reason);

boolValue = oXMLDOMDocument.validateOnParse
objXMLDOMDocument.validateOnParse = boolValue

HRESULT get_validateOnParse(
    VARIANT_BOOL *isValidating);
HRESULT put_validateOnParse(
    VARIANT_BOOL isValidating);


isValidating[out, retval][in]

If True, validates during parsing. If False, parses only for well-formed XML.

C/C++ Return Values


The value returned if successful.

E_INVALIDARG (for get_validateOnParseonly)

The value returned if the isValidating parameter is Null.

Boolean. The property is read/write. If True, it validates during parsing. If False, it parses only for well-formed XML. The default is True.

This member is an extension of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Document Object Model (DOM).

Implemented in:

MSXML 3.0, MSXML 6.0

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