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To submit and manage apps in the Windows Phone Store, you must first register for a developer account in the Windows Dev Center. Registering for a developer account is a single process. In addition to publishing apps in the Windows Phone Store, with your developer account you also can publish apps in the Windows Store at no additional cost. Follow these steps to complete the registration process.

You must have a Microsoft account to register for your developer account. If you don’t already have a Microsoft account, you’ll be asked to create one before you register. To create a Microsoft account, go to Microsoft account setup.

After you open your developer account, you can submit unlimited paid apps to the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store. You can also submit up to 100 free apps to the Windows Phone Store and unlimited free apps to the Windows Store.

Get a developer account.


Not all paid apps can be submitted in all markets. To see a list of countries and regions that support Dev Center registration and payout, see Regional info.

See Opening a developer account for step-by-step instructions on how to create your developer account.

When you begin the signup process you'll need to choose whether to create an individual account or a company account.

Caution noteCaution:

Be sure to choose the type of account that’s right for you. You cannot change your account type after completing the registration process.

Here are the essential differences between these two account types.

Individual account

Company account

Requires credit card

Requires credit card

Cannot list desktop apps in the Windows Store

Can list desktop apps in the Windows Store

Limited access to Windows Store apps capabilities

Greater access to Windows Store app capabilities

Costs approximately $19 USD (the exact amount varies depending on the currency of your country or region)

Costs approximately $99 USD (the exact amount varies depending on your country or region)

Requires that your company is recognized as a company or business in the country or region in which it is located

Requires additional verification through Symantec

See Account types, locations, and fees for more information about selecting your account type.

Enter the necessary contact info (name, address, phone, email, etc.), and then create a Publisher display name.

Publisher display name is the name under which your apps are listed in the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store. Publisher display names are unique and will be verified during the registration and Microsoft account validation processes.

For Individual accounts, you can enter your name or your Doing Business As (DBA) name. For Company accounts, enter the legal name of your business as it’s registered with your local government. A DBA name is also acceptable. For Company accounts, Symantec will use this name during the identity validation process. Please ensure that all of your company documentation aligns with the company’s Publisher display name entered.

If you receive a publisher display name conflict error message, the error indicates that the globally unique publisher name you provided is already in use on Dev Center. Your options are either to provide a new publisher name or to dispute the use by someone else if you have rights to the publisher name.

See Managing your profile for more information about entering the correct Publisher display name.

You can pay for your account by credit card or you can redeem a promo code. However, for initial account verification, you need to provide a credit card even if you are part of a program that waives your developer account registration fee.

Keep in mind that registration errors can occur if the information associated with your credit card doesn’t match the country, region, or information entered on your Account info page. If you are not able to register and you know your credit card is valid, check the following:

  • The name on the card matches the name of the individual.

  • The credit card address matches the billing address in the records of the credit card’s issuing bank.

If you can’t determine why your payment info is not being accepted, contact your financial institution.

If you have a promo code, redeem it by entering the code in the field.

You may be required to provide a value-added tax (VAT) identification number (VAT ID). This identifier is used in many countries/regions—particularly those in the European Union (EU)—for the purposes of value-added tax. For more info, see VAT info.

To receive money for your app and in-app purchases, select a method of payment.

After successfully creating your account, go to the Account summary section of the Dashboard. Edit the Payment account information. Select checking or savings, and when you enter your Account holder name, be sure it’s the same as the name on your bank account.

For more info about setting up your payout account, see Getting paid for Windows Phone.

Create or edit your tax profile to sell paid apps and in-app products. You can do this in the Account summary section of the Dashboard. For more info about setting up your tax profile, see Getting paid for Windows Phone.

If you’d like to create ad-funded apps, you need a Microsoft Advertising pubCenter account. You can register for a pubCenter account on your developer account dashboard. To learn more about creating and managing ad-funded apps, see Add in-app advertising.

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