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Collecting telemetry data from your apps

Learn about the types data we provide about your apps and how to enable telemetry data collection.

Monitoring your apps

Analytics and telemetry are two types of data that we collect to help you monitor your apps in the Windows Store and after they have been installed on your customers' computers.


Analytics refers to the data we collect directly from the Windows Store, such as app listing views, downloads, and customer ratings and reviews. We collect this info on an ongoing basis, analyze and summarize it, and provide reports in your Windows Store Dashboard. Analytic data collection happens automatically and you can't disable it.


Telemetry refers to the data we collect about your app when it's running on customers' computers. If you enable this feature in your Windows Store developer account, your app will automatically send info back to Microsoft about how often it has been launched, how long it has been running, and whether it has experienced an error such as crashing or encountering a JavaScript exception. We collect this info for each app, analyze and summarize it, and provide reports in your Dashboard. You can choose to enable or disable telemetry data collection at any time.

Collecting telemetry data

Enabling and disabling telemetry data collection

To configure telemetry data collection for your Windows Store developer account, sign in to your Windows Store Dashboard, click Profile in the left menu, and indicate whether or not to collect data under Telemetry data collection.

If you enable telemetry data collection after it has been disabled for a while, it might take some time before you start to get any telemetry data.

Note  This setting controls the telemetry data collection for all of your apps. You can't collect data on some apps but not others.
Important  Even if you enable telemetry data collection for your apps, we only collect telemetry data from customers who have opted in to the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP).

What you miss if you don't collect telemetry data

If you disable telemetry data collection, you won't be able to review your apps' quality or view your apps' usage data. You will still be able to access analytics such as ratings, adoption rates, and sales data.

Build your app as an .appxupload package to make the most of your telemetry data

If you plan to collect telemetry data, be sure to build your app as an .appxupload package. You can select this type of package in the Create app packages wizard in Microsoft Visual Studio. An .appxupload package contains your app's public symbols which make it much easier to debug your app if it has any problems. By doing this, we can often provide downloadable .cab files which you can open in the Visual Studio debugger to help troubleshoot many common problems.

For info about building your app for the Windows Store, see Packaging your app using Visual Studio.



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