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-ms-content-zoom-snap-points property

Defines where zoom snap-points are located.

This property is read/write.

Internet Explorer 10



-ms-content-zoom-snap-points: snapInterval(<start zoomfactors>, <step zoomfactors>) | snapList(<list zoomfactors>)

Property values

One of the following values.

snapInterval(<start zoomfactors>, <step zoomfactors>)

Specifies where the snap-points will be placed.

  • <start zoomfactor> specifies where the first snap-point will be placed. This value is a number followed by a percent sign (%).
  • <step zoomfactor> specifies the distance between subsequent snap-points, both zoomed in and zoomed out from the initial snap-point. This value is a number followed by a percent sign (%).
snapList(<list zoomfactors>)

Specifies the position of individual snap-points as a comma-separated list of zoom factors (expressed as a number followed by a percent sign (%)).

  • If any value specified in <list zoomfactors> is less than that specified by the -ms-content-zoom-limit-min property, the value of -ms-content-zoom-limit-min is used.
  • If any value specified in <list zoomfactors> is greater than that specified by the -ms-content-zoom-limit-max property, the value of -ms-content-zoom-limit-max is used.

CSS information

Applies Tonon-replaced block-level elements and non-replaced inline-block elements
Initial Valuenone


This property has no effect on non-zoomable elements. See -ms-content-zooming for details on zoomable elements.

When a user pans or scrolls and then lifts his or her contact (for instance, a finger), the content can continue to move with inertia. Snap-points can change the animation that runs when the user lifts his or her finger so that you can adjust where the content will stop. By placing snap-points, you can make it easy for your users to manipulate your content and make your content stop at convenient or key places.

Starting with Windows 8.1, this property is also supported for touchpad interaction.

This property requires Windows 8 or later.


This example demonstrates both types of values for the -ms-content-zoom-snap-points property. In the first selector, the first snap-point is at 0%, and the interval is set to 100%. In the second selector, each snap-point is listed separately—100%, 200%, 300%, and so on.

.snappy1 {
  -ms-content-zoom-snap-points: snapInterval(0%, 100%);

.snappy2 {
  -ms-content-zoom-snap-points: snapList(100%, 200%, 300%, 400%, 500%);

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